Between The Lines Review

Between The Lines Review

Between the Lines, written by Jodi Picoult, is fiction in the young adult genre. This story is an amazing love story between ordinary girl and a fictional character from fairytale book. This story is set in the real world and the world in the fairytale book which has the same name as this story itself, ‘Between the Lines’. Utterly mesmerizing. I can’t get enough of this book. Its captivating love story and dazzling fantasy world in the fairytale book made it hard for me to put down the book.

Delilah, 15 year old and a social pariah, frequently reading a fairytale book named ‘Between the Lines’ as an escape mechanism from the world that keep hating on her. One day, the prince who is the main character from the book, Oliver tried to communicate with her. Oliver’s dream is to get out of the book and live freely. He convinced Delilah to help him turn his dream into reality. Since Delilah agree to help him as she are in love with him, they started their adventure that was beyond our imagination.

Between the Lines was released in 26th June 2012. It is Jodi’s Picoult, the best-selling novelist first young-adult (YA) novel, co-written with his 16 year old daughter Samantha Van Leer. This novel is kind of prologue or companion to her latest novel with collaboration with his daughter, Samantha Van Leer ‘Off the Page’.

Usually in my age I will not read any book that is fairytale-like. However, this novel concepts and plots managed to catch my attention. In this novel, fictional characters in the fairytale book, Between the Lines have their own life and personality that they can only show after the book has been closed. When the book is opened, these fictional characters will act according to the story that the writer had written for them. For example, in the book the mermaids are crazy for boys. However, when reader close the book, their true personality is completely different, the mermaids hate boys. This concept somehow remind me of ‘Toy Story’ movie where the...

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