Time Line

Time Line

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Part One

Complete this timeline by including at least 10 events that have played a role in the evolution of crisis intervention services. Include a 50- to 75-word description of each event.

Event description
Crisis interventions at the time of event
A first classifiable Crises hot line created in 1906
Research studies were conducted on suicide that will define the symptoms of suicide. This hotline provides guidance for many individual who were emotionally disables.
Hotline provided services any time of the day for individuals in need and dedicated studies were being conducted.
Vietnam Veterans 1970
Veterans were in a battle with the government to define PTSD as a mental disease and asked to receive financial support.
Financial support provided clinical center for veterans to receive treatment for PTDS and research opportunity

1942 night club fire Coconut Grove
A large fire broke out killing 492 individuals and left over 500 survivors with acute griefs and traumatic loss
Provided opportunity to conduct research on acute griefs and traumatic loss and define the meaning of crisis
1963 Mental Health Care Act
Mental health care act was signed which closed down lager asylums ran by State
Provided patients with rights and treatment that was best suitable for them

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
A terrible event in which a 13 year girl was killed be a drunk driver. A mother of the 13 year old girl who was killed by the drunk drive pledge on her deceased daughter to help stop people from driving drunk
An organization was built by the deceases mother called MADD. The organization received a substantially funds of $100,000 from the Farmers insurance company which helped organization grow and start new chapters
1970 women’s movement
Let to one of the most important movement for Feminist which focused on the denial for better jobs, salary and discrimination in the workplace. By the late...

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