Hector Haro

English 103a

Kathhy Hansler

March 8, 2013

The Fan Page San Jose Sharks

As you may all now social media is a way were people find long time friends from before on websites like Facebook, twitter and etc. but through these social medias are communities created for specific groups of people. For example their could be a page for people that like monster trucks, their could also be a fan page of a famous artist and these pages go on forever. But through the groups there is always some sort of conversation taking place. There could be people talking about a performance an artist has recently done and how well they did while others could just trash talk about them saying things like, “she sucked because she was lip singing”. Well over these past few weeks I have been studying the my favorite hockey team the San Jose Sharks fan page and all the comments other leave behind. An examination of the site reveals that many people comments on pictures of the team most of the time the comments are very supportive of the team and the players but sometimes there is comments that criticize the team and player and most of these comments rattle up shark fans.
For example the page had put up a picture of a Player named Patrick Marleau scoring a goal. Some of the comments on the picture were very good because they were supporting him. Here is one of the comments that supported him from someone named Mike Ramirez “ hell yea Patrick Marleau is this years MVP”. I was pleased to see that comment because I also agree that he should be the MVP. This comments got all these people going and getting pumped up. And as Rosen says in her article that most people in social media sites share the same ideas. Here on the fan page I researched most of these fans like each others comments.
But throughout all the good comments of Patrick Marleau scoring the goal their was this one comment that read this form user named Steve Adkins “ its to bad that the...

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