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JFTX-ARM-IDM-L 1 October 2009


SUBJECT: Standing Operating Procedure #1 (SOP1): Supply Information Management

1. References:

a. AR 25-400-2, 2 Oct 07, The Army Records Information Management System

b. AR 25-1, 4 Dec 08, Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology

2. Purpose: To define responsibilities of office records managers and assist supply personnel of the 136th MEB units in properly managing information.

3. Summary: This SOP, which implements AR 25–1, chapter 8, Records Management Policy, governs the maintenance and disposition of Army information and implements established policy on recordkeeping requirements for Army regulations prescribing the creation and maintenance of records under those functional programs.

4. Scope: This SOP applies to all supply personnel within the 136th MEB.

5. Responsibilities:

a. Commanders:

1) Supervise and manage recordkeeping systems within their agencies and commands.

2) Appoint, in writing, an Office Records Manager (ORM) (may also be an Information Management Officer (IMO)).

b. ORMs/IMOs:

1) Develop Office Records List (ORL) for their functional area.

2) Manage, oversee, direct, and evaluate the records management program for the unit to which they are assigned.

3) Provide guidance and clarification necessary to carry out the provisions of the Army–wide Records Management Program

4) Conduct program evaluations at least once every 3 years.
6. Procedures:

a. Units will maintain the minimum required ARIMS file numbers for supply information management as listed on the ORL.

b. Wherever feasible, files will be maintained in three-ring binders of appropriate size. Labels will be affixed to the spine of the binder.

c. When more than one file number is maintained within a single binder, the most applicable label will be used....

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