Biggest Problems

Biggest Problems

Bryant Phillips
Composition 2
Ms. Taylor
Arkansas Baptist College

The Queen of Spades

Hermann is the main character of this story. Hermann was a German engineer officer in Russian army. Often times Hermann just watched the others gamble while playing cards. But one fateful nigh he decided to become a participant. Never winning made Herman possessed with finding the secret of winning the card game. In my opinion the author purpose was to intrigue his audience to also want to understand the officer’s obbession with winning.
He searched for the countless who held the secret by sending love letter and then appearing at her house, because she would not tell him the secret he pulled a pistol to scare her into give him the secret. The author’s audience is for people who play card or gamble that is adduced to playing cards and often wearing or carrying what they considered to be “lucky” charm. I think that the Author fitted his massage to his audience because for those who play card games will understand why that happen to Hermann and then to the ones who doesn’t play card games like that can see how when you learn about something that could get you the easy way out so that you can win or be good at some this really goes for anything but I was glad to find out the secret of the card game with three, seven, ace, and the queen.

Now my main point is to understand what I read an how it applied to its audience, and even though I’m not a big card player but I was still interested to see the charge in Hermann and his obsession that took over him. The purpose is to realize that anything whether we realize it or not can become addiction. The steps Hermann went through in order to win made me think of the scripture that talked about in Mark 7:21-23. My Intended audience is Ms. Taylor and classmates and to discuss the story and it meaning in life to them. If one reads this essay and that person is guilty of obsession that they find that in any area it...

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