The Biggest Cover-Up

The Biggest Cover-Up

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The studio was meant for small media productions. The entrance to the stage was pedestrian accessible, which meant Gary could go on to the stage if he wanted. Gary led a quiet life in his small house in Bondi, Sydney. If there wasn’t anything to do (which almost always was the case) then he could go to his verandah at the front of his house and watch the waves crash onto the beach. This scene reminded him he used to do his coastal missions in Cornwall. They were one of the best moments of his life. Although he didn’t have many friends as they were his ‘allies’ in those times, he has enjoyed the company of the different environments. He had been to every square mile on this planet from Vienna to Venice, Calcutta to Cannes and from Bangkok to Boston.

The studio started filling in. The families of the Biggest Loser contests chattered away on how their own nephew, niece, uncle, aunty son or daughter had lost half their body weight and how much it would change everyone’s lives.

The Channel Ten crew started putting out all the chairs into their positions. Their aim was too make the studio look as large as possible without ruining the view from the seats.

When there are no banks or other financial institutions to serve them, these small business people have to rely on family and friends for financial support. Others resort to money lenders who often charge extremely high interest rates, making it impossible to pay loans without falling further into debt.
Through micro finance projects, World Vision provides financial services (credit, savings, insurance and money transfers) to people who don’t have access to the formal banking sector. In addition to providing financial services, micro finance projects also offer training and advice on how to run a business.

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