Bio - Potatoes Investigation

Bio - Potatoes Investigation

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To investigate osmosis in potatoes.

1. cut three similar pieces of potatoes.
2. boile one of the pieces till damaged and then put it in water.
3. put other piece of potato to sugar solution.
4. put the last piece into pure water.
5. leave them for 180 minutes

Each piece in the solution reacted different. The sugar solution potato had the lowest mass , the boiled potato stay in the same mass and the potato that was in the pure water will have the highest mass.

In the sugar solution the mass was low because the solution is hypotonic solution the cells try to bring it to isotonic solution for that they do the osmosis (by taking out water to the hypertonic solution) and that’s how they lose mass.
In the pure water the potato mass raised up because the cells got more water inside. This solution is hypotonic solution and the cells do osmosis for making it isotonic solution.
The boiled potato damaged and his cells cell membrane damaged and do not allow substances to move out or in to the cell.

Osmosis is the net movement of water molecules from an area of high water concentration to an
Area of low water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. Osmosis is also passive
Transport. In our experiment the osmosis played big rule . the boiled potato didn’t had osmosis caz the potato was damaged and its cells damaged too. That tells us that the cell membrane is damaged too and doesn’t allowed the water in or out.
The second potato was on a hypertonic solution because of that the cell loses mass and taking out the water from him to make the solution isotonic solution.
The last potato gain mass because it got into hypotonic solution and it is taking inside water for making the solution isotonic.

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