ato is one of the most popular, cheap vegetable having higher production rate in comparison to other vegetables. Potato is the king of all vegetables. It has high calorific value.

It is the lifesaving vegetables for poor. It can be cooked with any vegetable to make it tasty. Sometime someone are teased by naming him potato. Many farmers become millionare by doing potato business. Vegetable sellers are getting employment with potato. Poor labour needs only potato with rice to get full energy and satisfaction at lunch time. Potato is counted fourth biggest food crop after Wheat, Rice and Maize.

History : Potato was first cultivated for food in south region of Peru and extreme Nothwest of Bolvia of South America. Potato came to Europe from Andese of California . It is believed that potato came to India in 17th century through British Raj. As per FAO's 2005 data China is the largest potato producer. India is the 2nd largest potato producer.

Great Famine : It is very unfortunate for potato as it was a reason of Irish potato famine. Approximately over a million people have been died during a period from 1845 to 1852 due to Irish potato famine. And about a million people migrated to North America, Australia and Britain. Due to this emigration the population of Ireland fell by 20% to 25%. During first decade of 18th century potato has become the base food in Ireland. The serious potato disease name is "late blight" or "potato blight" (Phytophthora infestans). It cause great damage in potato and tomato. If we depend on one type of food , then its scarcity may cause this type of devastating effect in demography.

Why Potato is most popular vegetable: It is very much tasty. New potato is more tasty to eat; when it is roasted in fire. Potato Chips are processed in many ways and people like it. Potato chips have generated big economy around the world. Therefore potato chips are very much popular. It is used in Samosa in India which is one of the most selling...

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