Hoy es miércoles, el 9 de abril.
La pregunta:

Lean pg. 366 “Perspectivas del mundo hispano”
1. Why do people in the USA go to the mall?
2. Why do people in Chile go to the mall?
3. How important is the atmosphere of the mall
to a US consumer versus a Chilean consumer?
La tarea:
El examen del capítulo: MAÑANA
El paquete de repaso:MAÑANA

La meta de hoy: Students will use review the use of direct
object pronouns, the preterit tense, and various vocabulary in
the context of shopping for gifts. Cultural perspectives on
shopping with also be discussed.

El plan de hoy:
Un repaso del capítulo

La tarea:

El examen del capítulo: MAÑANA

Capítulo 7B

• Vocabulary
all vocab from chapter 7b
• Grammar
--The Preterit of –AR verbs
• pg. 354 (text) and class notes
– The Preterit of verbs ending in –car/-gar/-zar
• p. 356 (text)and class notes
– Direct object pronouns
• p. 360 (text) and class notes
• Culture
– Revisit information from the “Fondo Cultural” and “Nota
Cultural” boxes

Capítulo 7B - Test Set Up

 I. Listening
a. Be able to listen to and understand as a person talks
about where he shopped, what he bought, and how
much she paid.
Por ejemplo: (audio activity 8, track 13)
Number your paper 1-4. As you listen to each
conversation, jot down as much information as you can
from each. You may hear info about what the person is
shopping for, where they are shopping, how much the
items cost, as well as other related info.

Capítulo 7B - Listening

1. Black purse - $30
Blue purse - $20
Gift for teenager
2. A man lost his wallet when he was buying
some books in the bookstore. He COULD
buy a new one in the department store.
3. Looking for some big gloves. The gloves
are too small.
4. A ring - $900
Cheaper ones are $300 and $500- but she
likes the most expensive one!

Capítulo 7B - Test Set Up

II. Reading
a. Be able to read and understand an online ad.
Por ejemplo: While shopping online, you read a...

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