Blast Furnaces Research

Blast Furnaces Research

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The purpose of this research paper is to give a thorough description of the working of a blast furnace and give the reader an understanding of the process of smelting iron ore into iron metal using a blast furnace. This research also looks at improvements that have been made, and can be made in this process by analyzing the historical, modern, and environmental improvements in a blast furnace. The end result of these improvements is a cleaner environment and a more productive iron-smelting industry.


Content Page Number
Introduction 6
Description 7
Improvements on Blast Furnace Efficiency 16
Conclusion 20


Figure Page Number
Figure 1 – Simple Blast Furnace 7
Figure 2 – Components of a Blast Furnace 9
Figure 3 – Burnt Lime 11
Figure 4 – Processed Coke 11
Figure 5 – Iron Ore (Hematite) 11

Table Page Number

Table 1: Pig iron composition 15
Table 2: Wrought iron composition 16

The global demand for iron and iron ore has been increasing consistently over the last millennia. Ever since the dawn of the Iron Age around 1500 BC, to the Industrial revolution of the 19th Century, the contribution of iron and its chief alloy, steel, has been tremendous in the progress of the human civilization. According the United States Geological Survey, the total worldwide production of iron ore stands at 2,800,000 metric tonnes at present (USGS, 2012). This figure is set to escalate manifold with the growth of new global economic...

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