Blue Boo

Blue Boo

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Blue Boo

I'm so blue without my Blue Boo. My beautiful teddy bear is as soft as a rabbit. His blueness is nowhere to be seen, and I am so lost without him.

I've looked for him everywhere: in my room, drawers, under the bed, in the kitchen, anywhere I could think of. No Boo!

My brother, Farjad, is my only suspect. "Where did you hide my Blue Boo?" I asked accusingly. I kept yelling. He had a silent, blank stare like a stuffed animal watching me roar like a bear. Then, as if in a slow-motion movie, Farjad reached up, took me by my arm, and tossed me out of his room. He slammed the door hard, but my hand was in the way. OUCH!! Now my hand was puffy and blue. "Oh, where is my Blue Boo?" I cried.

Finally my mother came home, and I raced to her, calling out, "Mama, Mama, Farjad stole my Blue Boo, and I know he has it somewhere! Make him give it back! I can't live without my Blue Boo!"

Boy, was I wrong! My mother reached into the laundry basket and presented a bright blue and freshly clean Boo. She had it all the time. Boo had gone with Mom to the laundry.

I was so glad to have my Blue Boo back. I was embarrassed that I accused Farjad. I guess I made a boo-boo. Well, no one is perfect. After all we're all humans and make mistakes sometimes.

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