Bmw: Manufacturing Motor Vehicles

Bmw: Manufacturing Motor Vehicles

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BMW: Manufacturing motor vehicles

Global 500 Fortune Company: BMW

This paper intends to advance and critique the existing theoretical assumptions regarding the process of globalization in the car manufacturing industry; with specifics to BMW and its international operations (I will put under scrutiny the firm´s operations both on traditional markets including the European and American markets as well as on new emerging ones such as the Chinese market). This paper also aims to give an in-depth look at the business strategies that firms implement in order to succeed in global markets, and in addition, explores the historical continuity of globalizing trends we observe in the car industry with the hope of mapping out new theoretical perspectives. Perspectives, which may be applied by automakers, such as BMW, to their understanding of the existing links between the car industry and globalization.

Why Globalization?
Globalization is the word describing one of, if not the, greatest advancement in the world we inhabit today. Evolution in communication technology and in the means by which people can travel around the world today prove without a doubt that globalization has the largest impact on the world society nowadays.
Globalization allows the gaps between people from different national states to shrink as it facilitates creating easy and lasting connections in such a way that those gaps will eventually be entirely filled. One of the consequences of globalization is that the way (especially young) people are living are quite the same in terms of aspirations, needs, and life style choices. Globalization can be observed everywhere: cars, housing, phones, internet and even malls, are only the instrumental part that has fostered the process of making the world a Global village.

Part 1
Following the instructions, in part 1 of this paper, I will research my strategic theme – globalization, specifically for the automotive industry. I will also...

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