Body Modifications

Body Modifications

People around the world have been piercing, tattooing, and painting their bodies for ages, It all originated in Egypt, and over time spread worldwide. Now just about every girl has at least her ear loves pierced. Few cultures still practice the traditional scaring or tattooing ceremonies. Our reasons for adorning our bodies can change over time, and may vary from culture to culture.

The earliest known mummified remains of a human that was pierced is over 5,000 years old. This man had his ears pierced with rather large-gauge plugs. Plugs, or a large diameter earring, may be one of the oldest forms of body modification there is. Some body piercing were restricted to only the wealthy, or the royal family, in fact the only person who could have their navel pierced was the pharaoh himself. Anyone els with just piercing was subject to execution.

The Romans often pierced their nipples, not for the appeal but because they represented strength. Even Julius Ceasar had his nipples pierced, The Aztecs pierced their tongues for religiose purposes; they believed it brought them closer to their gods, they pierced their septum to look fiercer to their nemesis. Lip piercing in women were supposed to enhance sexuality and were highly attractive.

another type of body modification is the neck rings; this is a tradition in Burma, where long necks are considered beautiful. At the age of five a girl would be given her first ring, as she became older more would be added. The amount of rings also signified the wealth of the family; some necks would be stretched as long as 15 inches. If a woman would dishonor her tribe the rings would be clipped and she would choke unless someone held her head up.

Tattooing is probably the most popular form of body adornment. Originating in Egypt, Humans have been tattooing themselves since as early as 2000 B.C. In a few groups, tattoos are an integral part of their religiose tradition. For example, all the members would have a...

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