Modification Of An Organization

Modification Of An Organization

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Improving Organizational Performance
Corrine Oliver
PSY/428 Organizational Psychology
July 23, 2012
Stephanie Johnson

In going through the simulation I found that it takes a lot of research, critical thinking, and data to choose the proper adaptation or modification of an organizations policies and procedures. In I/O psychology one has to look at the whole picture and analyze the situation to find out the underlying problem. Airdevils a once successful company is now experiencing some issues between management and employees in communication, employee satisfaction and the quality of the work being required of them. Celsey Evans started the company in 1995 where she was the only employee she later added four employees and they form the management circle of the Airdevils administration. The Airdevils of date have 115 employees and a steady stream of repeat customers. Lately the customers have been complaining about the Airdevil’s quality of work and the employees are complaining about job satisfaction. The founder Celsey has hired Dream Teamworks an organizational psychology consulting firm to help get to bottom of the problems her company is having.

Identifying the Problem
The first thing the Dream Teamworks firm must do is determine the reason for the drop in employee satisfaction. While most people would think it is money that is the driving force behind job dissatisfaction after reviewing the blogs of the staff I came to the conclusion that the main cause of Airdevil’s employee’s low job satisfaction was the work itself, the employees did not feel they were being allowed to do what they were hired to do . Their blog read “I can’t do what I joined this company for the stunts are routine and don’t excite me much. Moreover my suggestions don’t find any takers”(employee blog Airdevils simulation). And the next underlying problem was that they did not feel as if management listened to them, they felt they were too rigid. The stunt performers...

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