Body Paragraph

Body Paragraph

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Alcohol Abuse Damages Family Relationships

Alcohol is viewed as a pleasant accompaniment to social activities. Most

people only think about the positive effects of consuming alcohol, but they know little

about the negative effects which alcohol carries with. According to “Here’s to Your

Health” by Joan Dunayer, drinking alcohol is more closely related to failure than to

achievement. Alcohol abuse or even worse alcohol dependence becomes a serious

problem not only to the alcohol drinkers but also to their partners, children and

parents. Therefore, alcohol abuse is a bad habit that leads to damage family


Alcohol use causes harm to the relationship with spouses. Couples are often

unhappy, for a partner who abuses alcohol fails to fulfill major family abligations. For

example, a man have became compulsive in his alcohol use. Drinking alcohol is the

only thing he likes to do with his partner together. If his partner has no interest in

alcohol, many arguments would arise between them. In addition, he likes clubing

rather than staying at home. He spends little time to take care of his responsibilities in

the home, so his partner fights and argues a great deal with him. As alcohol abuse gets

worse, it takes more time away from the couple. Also, alcohol abuse creates emotional

distance and even worse domestic violence between the spouses. So, if a partner has

problem with alcohol abuse, many couples sue for separation and dissolve the

marriage bond.

Most children of the alcohol drinking parents surffer from psychological damage

because the children are afraid of their problem drinking parents. Alcohol drinkers fail

to play the role who support their children. After a binge drinking, drinkers always

become mood disorders and lose self-control. Meanwhile, domestic violence are ofen

associated with alcohol, and the children experience various forms abuse such as oral...

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