Evaluation of Paragraphs

Evaluation of Paragraphs

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Here the author introduced his essay with a quotation. This directly captures the audience as they want to find out how thousands of couples marry unwisely when they are especially interested in the topic.
We see the author using the outline here as his sentences all support the first sentence hence observing paragraph unity.

The second paragraph is also part of the introduction as he takes time to define what contract marriages are therefore he introduces his thesis statement in it. In His topic sentence we can clearly know his attitude. He stands for the fact that people who want to marry should sign renewable marriage contracts.

In the rest of the paragraphs he supports his thesis statement by stating the importance of marriage contracts and why they work.

He shows how his ideas correlate by using transitional devises such as in addition, one, finally etc. For example, paragraph three supports what is in paragraph two.

This is the last part of the essay. He has conclude his paragraph by reviewing his main point in the essay which s the importance of contract marriages and has restated his thesis how a marriage contract could make marriages easier.
He has also provided a prediction by saying what will happen if people practice contact marriages.

- The part of an argument the reader is willing to accept as true without further proof. The reasons you provide ion your essay rest on evidence. Your essay must supply evidence to support your assertion and to show the reasons you offer are valid. These involve examples, reasons, facts, details, statistics, personal experience, anecdotes and opinions and quotations from experts.
Common Types of Supporting evidence
Facts: verifiable occurrences or experiences; statistics compiled from systematic observation.
Testimony: Reliable reports of events, experiences, or observations.
Informed Opinion: Judgment believed reliable because the source is highly...

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