Book vs Television

Book vs Television

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Truly, our parents always think of television as something that makes children addicted and thereby goes far from learning. However, when I recall my own experience of growth, I cannot find any blame of myself on TV. Quite the contrary, I consider television has better educational influence than books do for the following reasons.

To start with, television has as much as coverage of knowledge as books. Television nowadays has been divided into specific sub channels. We have sport channel which exclusively focuses on physical activities and reports sport events; we can keep track of the latest news around the world on 24-hour news channels. We can freely fix on a certain television which meets our appetite most. Days are gone when television shows were simply designed to amuse the public, today's programs are more into the scientific areas that satisfy people's curiosity. Programs for kids have added more introductions of life skills to the naive ones; discovery channel brings us to explore the unknown world. Also, you can enjoy the lectures on live which discuss humanities like archeology, art and alike. As with books, these programs have successfully imparted knowledge of all kinds to audience. Moreover, since television has wider coverage of influenced population, it definitely educates more groups of people than books do.

In addition, television can render audience a 3D teaching environment: audios, images and words. This combination of multi-mediums cannot be achieved by books. When I started to learn English, I bought a bunch of books in which introduces the pronunciation method and other relevant skills. A few months later, I was pretty upset because I could not get improved my English if only depending on these books. Then, I switched to watch a TV grogram Let's Talk In English. Very soon, I surprisingly found that I can read all the 26 letters in accurate tones. Besides, my listening skill was skyrocketing. Getting involved into the established...

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