brand management

brand management

Quiz 4
1. Explain progression path

2. Define hiring procedures in product management

3. Develop current profile for the product management in some information such as current position profile depends;

4. How to inspire product managers to make information factor based on decisions?
Quiz 5
5. Explain organizational structure for the product management
Structural framework for product management involves some key government board which identifies 5 main areas:
Executive sponsorship – independent console in at support board of directors, by senior executive leadership team;
Membership – senior executive membership team appoint board of members who are product management leaders;
The board leader – leaders must carry, authority title and must demonstrate credibility, with other leaders, board of leaders are responsible for making some rules for general guidelines. to preserve and keep continuity, board members should be required to serve or work minimum amount of time, such as twelve, eighteen or 24 month, with maximum time with 3 or 4 years;
Rules - set up for the board leaders involves meeting all requirements, demanded from internal and external changing as stable environment, also, decision making process should taken effectively and other procedures which must done for further perspectives.
Connections – defines the linkage networks between the boar and senior executive team.

6. Define product portfolio consol;
Companies should have PPC to driving PM government boards. Dynamic nature product investment cause several ideas where portfolio consoles contributes to be board and to be executive leadership team that will provide huge value such as:
PPC makes product projects where these projects are reviewed by new product development department;
PPC makes auditing business cause to insure that a forecast is effective;
PPC evaluates of acquisition target to ensure that new product lines will be strategically effective for the existing lines;...

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