Brave New World's Portrayal of a Society

Brave New World's Portrayal of a Society

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World portrays a society in which science has clearly taken over. This was an idea of what the future could hold for humankind. Is it true that Huxley’s prediction may be correct? Although there are many examples of Huxley’s theories in our society, there is reason to believe that his predictions will not hold true for the future of society.

One of the biggest changes occurring in Brave New World was that babies were not being born to parents, but rather being grown in test tubes. These test tube embryos were altered to produce thousands of babies using only one embryo. Our society practices similar procedures. We were first able to grow babies in test tubes, helping people who could not get pregnant. Our next development as a society allowed the ability to clone an embryo and have many duplicates of a single specimen.

Another change in Huxley’s society was how people appeared physically as they grew older. In the story, people we given surgery to preserve their attractive peak for the rest of their lives. There is no surgery in our society that makes a person look good for the rest of their lives, but methods of slowing the aging process have been discovered. This new technology simply allows a person to look younger for a longer period of time.

Despite the previously mentioned cases, there are examples of how today’s society is not changing to replicate Brave New World. In the story, there were no mothers or fathers, no family, and no general monogamy. Today’s society still believes in marriage, parental roles, and the family structure.

The last difference is that of the government. In Brave New World, there were no political parties and no divisional boundaries. The story portrayed a society with a large group of intelligent leaders that controlled the society. Today’s society is completely different. Each country has their own government, their own political parties, and their own leaders.

The story of Brave New World...

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