Bringing Change in Lives of Ur Employees

Bringing Change in Lives of Ur Employees

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Creating a micro finance cum charity organisation/ company

Initial Source of funds:

Around 5 % of money in all accounts to be automatically debited into a new account of the above co

Use of funds: 

 to be given to poor people including staff at a rate of around 10-12 % to

1-  finance education for their child , 

2- finance skill improvement courses which will help them earn more money and improve their standard of living.

3- finance them in obtaining mediclaim policies for their families.

Initial target audience : 

Slum dwellers in existing schemes

Later audience:

Similar employees in other cos.

Note : can find micro finance cos which are helping people start small business and give part of the money to them.

Csr activity for employees:

To be implemented in stages :
1- To be given one free lunch from any good restaurant in neighbourhood per month.
Better to fix a date , say 15th of every month
Better still : One can go along with them once in a while 

Employees can order or call for it , their option 
Cost to co : around rs. 100 per employee.

2- ticket for movies of a good multiplex  

To be given movie tickets for family of a good multiplex to each employee such that 
Each gets a chance to visit a multiplex twice in a year.

3- going out on holidays : 

Employees to go on picnics twice a year together for a short duration like 2-3 days.

Each employee can go on a holiday once a year with family for a week , bookings for tickets and accommodation to be done by co. Budget needs to be worked out.   

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