Ur Issue

Ur Issue

So my day started like this I woke up and thought to myself its VALENTINES DAY
This means a whole lot of fun and plenty gifs to receive.
I was getting dresses when my mom called me to go get some red.white pink and yellow roses in the garden to
Take to the girls at school…

So I replied “I know mom ive already got”
My mother doesn’t know im a planned boy I plan everything days before not like my sister I replied

I get to school and I see a whole lot of red every where I started to think to myself what a beautiful day everyone in red and no fighting REDDAM HOUSE SCHOOL is the best..

My day went on and myself and three friends decide we going to spoil the girls today so we call my friends mom to come and pick us up and we drift off out of school.
That was the best thing we could do.as we on our way we meet up on the road with one of our teachers very weird I thought to myself anyways we finally get to our out of school destination and decide this is the school with the HOT chicks.

We got to the school gates and thought to yourselves now how are we going to get into this school..so my friends and I started to think this is an all girls school and we have to get in to give the gifts us boys we know how to get things done we tell the security guard we need to go to the toilet and he lets us go in into the school. So now as we in the school alredy we trying to think amongst us boys if we should just go find the stunning girls or go to the office first.

So this is how it went on we go to the office and ask the lady if we could go and meet up with these girls to give them some gifts. The lady didn’t believe us. Us good friends stuck together and made a plan to get to these girls. We finally met up with them and gave them the gifts. We had to leave very quickly before the principal came out. So we gave them the gifts and made a plan to see them later that night. So that was the end of the of destination. We had to sneak back out and get into the car...

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