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The Administration for Children and Families (AFC) is a human service organization that encourages the well-being of individuals, children, families and communities through economic and social growth (ACF, 2013). This organization inspires individuals and families to improve their independence both personally and economically. Furthermore, AFC empowers communities to support its members and create a strong and healthy foundation for the children and members within it. For AFC to be successful in their mission, they must create and maintain partnerships with other state and local agencies. AFC is required to manage and centralize their clients and the services they receive. Kareo and Medio software can be employed throughout the AFC organization to manage this critical data.

Kareo Software
Kareo is a medical management and medical billing software used in medical and human service offices across the country. Their software provides four tiers of management services that AFC can utilize. Kareo's first tier is called the patient engagement and practice marketing. This particular software is a platform that allows its users to schedule appointments, manage client information and even offers mobile reminders. Accessibility is a critical aspect when working with clients. AFC can utilize this tier to help keep track of client information. Secondly, Kareo offers free EHR. The EHR system allows its users to create, update and review client records. This tier will allow AFC to centralize these records electronically. Furthermore, the EHR offered through Kareo can also electronically prescribe medications. Practice management is another product that Kareo offers its users. Using this tier AFC can incorporate the EHR capabilities with practice management abilities. AFC would have the capability to manage and support documents, process insurance claims and store along with the ability to...

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