Building Medical Vocabulary Week 1 Hrt

Building Medical Vocabulary Week 1 Hrt

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How to complete the CheckPoint Assignments, They are Due every Friday beginning Week 1 and ending in Week 8. Do not let this work scare you. It may be difficult at first because you are unfamiliar with it, but if you follow my directions, it should help.
Section A. says to Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 1-8. You can not use any word parts that are not listed in this box.

|-ic |sub- |-ectomy |-oma |
|-pathy |gastr/o- |poly- |-ous |
|hepat/o- |ven/o- |hemat/o- |neur/o- |
|an- |esthes/o- |-ous |appendic/o- |
|-megaly |cutane/o- |-ia |intra- |

1. Pertaining to the liver

2. Pertaining to underneath the skin

3. Surgical removal of the appendix

4. Pertaining to within the vein

5. Disease of many nerves

6. Enlargement of the liver

7. Swelling (mass) of the blood

8. Condition of not feeling

B. Define the following word parts.
|-ac |Pertaining to |-ar |Pertaining to |
|-ary |Pertaining to |-ion |State of being |
|-osis |Condition or increase |Peri- |around |
|Hyper- |Above or excessive |Brady- |slow |
|Post- |After or...

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