Busines Essay

Busines Essay

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Business Aims

The business economy is made up of many types of organisation which have different aims and perform different functions. Aims in a business are really important as it gives businesses determination to improve the way there business is running. This is really important as it allows business to aim high and always accomplish there targets.

Aims: _

• Make a profit
• Increase market share
• Provide services
• Improve quality
• (plus any 2 more)
• Mission statement aims and objectives of my selected business.

Make profit: Profit generally is the making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business. Profit is related to two opposed views regarding the getting of wealth generally. A business must make a profit to survive that’s why profit is the most important aim in starting a business because making profit is the first priority.

Improve sales: The purpose of any business is to bring in a lot of customers, and it can only be accomplished through marketing and the only way to do that is to reduce the price of your products. For example you may reduce the price of milkshakes this is an advantage as more products will be sold

Supplier: To increase your profit you need to research a better person who will supply you with the products you need. For example you may be buying your products from a supplier in Spain for £500 and you find out that they sell the same product in London half the Price this will give you knowledge to research for the cheapest supplier to increase your profit.

Reduce expenses: To save more money you may have to reduce the number of employees for example instead of employing 60 people you can employ 50people therefore you pay les wages and earn more money.

Increase market share: To increase market share a business has to take customers from its competitors or attract new customers....

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