Busines Plan

Busines Plan

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SubZero Bindings
Business Plan


This document reflects the plans and timeline for the SubZero Bindings founding team to patent, manufacture and enter the market with the innovative heated binding technology. This plan includes information on the team’s operations, marketing strategy, financial projections and feasibility tests.


Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
Product Overview 4
Marketability 4
Technical Feasibility 5
The SubZero Binding 5
Materials/Elements 6
Labor & Logistics 6
Schedule 7
Sales Process 7
Points of Difference 8
Creating Barriers to Entry 8
Patents 8
Trademarks 9
Trade Secrets 10
Loyalty Programs 10
Threat of Substitutes 11
Industry Analysis 11
Competitors 12
Target Market 13
Expected Growth 14
Prototyping 16
Manufacturing 16
Distribution 17
Order process 18
Financial Feasibility 18
Senior Leadership Team 20
Management Overview 22

SubZero Bindings is dedicated to providing solutions for snowboarders of all skill levels who have experienced the performance-reducing effects of snow and ice buildup on their snowboard bindings. Our products enable a generation of athletes and snow-sport-enthusiasts a convenient approach to reducing snow build up and lost time.
The product we offer is an innovative approach to athletic gear. Our product will work with already existing boards and gear, but will be unique in its ability to generate heat via a small battery pack located within the binding. The binding would thus maintain a temperature that would prevent snow and ice buildup within the binding and boot.
This product will significantly reduce the amount of time wasted by athletes and snow-boarders who need to detach themselves from their snowboard in order to use the ski lift, finish their day, or even utilize the restroom.
The remaining document highlights the product lifestyle and how we plan to hit market and...

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