Business 101 Exam Notes 2012.Pdf

Business 101 Exam Notes 2012.Pdf

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Business 101 Final Examinations Notes Semester ONE 2012

by Vincent Tai

Module 1: Business Matters
Versatility + Flexibility Being able to adapt to change

Taking responsibility for your own career

Why Business Matters

Corporate Social Responsibility

CV's - What makes a good CV

What empoyers are looking for

Week 2: Webcast: Why Business Matters
Each step of the value chain could be a business at its own right, value and opportunity is created at each stage. Each company in this chain makes choices about what it will do to generate revenue. The result of these decisions is the company’s business model, a clear a simple outline how it would generate revenue. Business – Any Profit-Seeking Organization that provides goods and services designed to satisfy customers’ needs. Revenue – Is the money received from the sale of goods and services Business model – Shoes how a company will generate revenue, profit. Profit – Money left over after all the cost involved in doing business have been deducted from revenue.

Readings: Business in Action by Bovee and Thill
Seeking Employment Opportunities and Information
Networking Networking is the process of making informal connections with mutually beneficial business contacts. It takes place wherever and whenever people talk: at sporting events, at alumni reunions, at social gatherings, and so on. Networking is about people helping each other, not just about the other people helping you. To become a valued network member, you need to be able to help others in some way. You may not have any influential contacts yet, but because you’re actively researching a number of industries and trends in your own job search you probably have valuable information you can share. Or you might simply be able to connect one person with another who can help. The more you network, the more valuable you become in your network – and the more valuable your network becomes you.


Business 101 Final Examinations Notes...

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