Business Administration

Business Administration

My motivation for applying for this position is due to the values and Objectives LUFTANSA offers and the self-development opportunities it provides. I was immediately convinced when I read the career webpage on offers of a home for entrepreneurs, equality and care and mobility. I would be best utilized within the day-to-day innovative activities and business operations as I feel my creativity will play a great part in enhancing the brand of the company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. I also shave a master’s degree in Industrial Management and Information Systems which introduced me to the world of business thus made me decisive in changing my career path. I currently have a Marketing internship in Turkey with Yasar University International office. This opportunity has opened my eyes to a different working culture as I have learnt to respect and appreciate diversity much more. My knowledge in interacting with international stakeholders has and is still widening and my communication skills are excellent. Besides work experience I participate in a great range of social activities such as sports, humanities, community development programs that create a balance between work and my social life.

I read on the job description that the desired candidate will work under pressure and build strong relations with agencies among other key challenges. I will efficiently adapt to the challenging work because I am hardworking and I self-motivate myself to meet deadlines.

Completing an internship would give me an excellent insight into your company and be an outstanding
Opportunity for me to explore different working methods and practice the knowledge I gained at university and at my current internship. Turkey in itself is a very reputable working environment due to the support it has in human rights, liberal culture, support in a healthy green environment as well as many other attractive reasons. I gladly value in the same attributes and being a...

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