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Buss Law

Recoganizing Contract Resolutions

Febraury 1, 2009

Recognizing the how to avoid contract resolustions and how to prevent them from happening. When preparing a contract one needs to think a head and try and recognize any positional problems that may exist or may come about and prior to signing make amendments and/or add clauses making everyone aware that if there is a problem than one can notify there other person of the Breach of Contract.

Was there a breach of contract between Span System and Citizens-Shwartz AG, while trying to devotee a program to help with there reservations desk? While watching the video clip it was discovered that Span Systems was late with the next part of the program several times. Was it Span’s fault or was it Citizens-Schwartz, AG fault.
Doing the research on this one discovered that though Span had turned over part of the project on time, it was partially Citizens-Shwartz who was negligent several times for not informing Span on time, what changes were needed. Both parties agreed that missing deadlines were equally at fault, due to the fact that sometimes they would count on another party to inform them. Due Process was use to help each other understand the importance of completing the program within the deadline expectation. Soon Citizen-Schwartz realized that Span was not in compliance of meeting the deadlines of the contract than they decided to notify Span. Many emails and notes were sent so that one could have a meeting of the minds and what is to be expected.
A better understanding to what could happen if one did not conform to what is written. As, always, there is a way to remedy a contract to help one under the true meaning of the contract. There are several ways when one breaches a contract and the law gets involved. Before any suit can be filed one need to notify in writing and/or by phone the other party of the pending procedure .
Below are some examples of the types of...

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