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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis
Assessment Code: C200
Student Name: Radha Maharana
Student ID:000487705
Date: 11/21/2015
Student Mentor Name: Toshiro Goodman

Table of Contents

Organizational Overview 2
Organizational Description 2
Leadership Practices 3
Relationship between Leadership and Organizational Culture 5
SWOT Analysis 6
Organizational Strengths 7
Organizational Weakness 8
Organizational Opportunities 9
Organizational Threats 10
Leadership Evaluation 11
Leadership Strengths: 13
Leadership Weakness: 14
Recommendation for Leadership Development 17
References 18

Organizational Overview
This section gives a brief overview of Mintec Inc., a world leader in mine planning software. It then briefly describes the leadership practices of founder and Chairman of Mintec Inc., Mr. Fred Banfield as a transformative leader. The paper then describes the organizational culture of Mintec and provides evidence of impacts of Mr. Banfield on the culture.
Organizational Description
Mintec Inc. (popularly known around the world as MineSight) began its humble roots in the tiny Tucson apartment of Fred Banfield, founder of Mintec Inc. He along with his friend Bill Meyer started using their passion for computer science and love for solving mine planning problems to develop solutions for the mining industry. The organization was developed with the singular goal of helping mines become more successful by using computerized mine planning. Along the way they have received numerous awards such as the President’s Award for Exports. But the highest form of award which Mintec has always craved for is the recognition of their mine planning and geologic modeling software as the premiere software in the market.
The ethos of the organization is expressed in its mission statement of ‘Experience, Leadership, Results’ (MineSight, n.d). The mission statement reads “MineSight is every client’s partner in productivity, ensuring each software...

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