C212 marketing

C212 marketing

Task 2: Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices

Assessment Code: C200
Student Name: Shery Marson
Student ID: # 000000000
Date: April 27, 2016

Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices

Leadership is defined as the ability to influence people towards attaining their goals. The objective of my study is to assess myself on my leadership practices as I interact with others as we work towards attaining organizational goals and making the company I work for more successful both now and in the future. If leadership is the influence of one person over others to aid and to support their role in order to achieve the combined purpose, then it is my desire to become that type of leader.
Leadership is not a role or a position but can be summed up as an act of achieving the tasks assigned. The whole situation of success and failure is determined by the role the leader plays. It has been said if you are the source of inspiration or the force that drives others then you are the path to the top of the ladder and you are their leader. Leadership I believe is the heart and soul of an organization. Do I have the right style and qualities to inspire and mold others and inspire them to be the best they can be as they perform their jobs? By a study of my strengths and weakness and taking the Seven Habits profile I will be able to find out more about my leadership abilities.
It is my desire to be a leader that will empower others by encouragement, providing them the right tools, to cultivate in them a vision to take ownership of a promising destiny. I will inspire others to act through my actions and words whether oral or written. At the same time I will also seek to challenge myself and develop as a leader while supporting and mobilizing others to do the same.’
Seven Habits Profile and Findings

After completing the Seven Habits Profile found in Taskstream, I found a few habits that I plan to make a part of my everyday routine. They are basic things that...

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