WGU C212

WGU C212

Proposed Service Expansion(s)

Café 7 has always provided quality breakfast and lunch experiences for individuals working in downtown metropolitan areas. We consistently receive high praise from our customers for our high-quality, delicious meals and our outstanding customer service.
We have been made aware of new product expansion opportunities. We have traditionally served only breakfast and lunch, based on our locations in downtown office areas. However, many of the cities we operate in have undergone urban/downtown renewal projects, bringing increased numbers of people living in these downtown areas. Many of these individuals live downtown because they want to be close to their place of employment; this means that they remain downtown after regular business hours. Many of these residents are current Café 7 lunchtime customers, and have expressed interest in two new services as described below:

Personal Meal Preparation

This service would allow Café 7 customers to pre-order ready-to-cook meals. These meals will have all ingredients included, but the customer will complete the preparation according to directions provided with the meal. Customers will be able to order in person, by telephone, or online. Customers can choose to pick up their meal or have it delivered to a business or residence within a 15-mile radius of the restaurant for a fee. Delivery service will end at 7:00 p.m.

Personal Catering Services

The Personal Catering Service would provide Café 7’s freshly prepared meals for delivery; customers could order a single entrée (subject to a minimum order amount), or food for the whole family! As with the personal meal preparation service, customers may order in person, by telephone, or online. Delivery would be within a 15-mile radius of the restaurant for a fee, and delivery service would end at 7:00 p.m.

Feasibility and Profitability

A feasibility study was conducted to determine whether these services would, in fact, be...

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