Capstone-project ITT CNS

Capstone-project ITT CNS

Business Case
Capstone 2015

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2
Project Overview 3
1.1 Project Overview 3
1.2 Project Description 3
1.3 Alternatives Considered 3
1.4 Recommended Solution 3
1.5 Risks 3
Project Description 4
2.1 Project Background and Opportunity 4
2.2 Business Needs 4
2.3 Project Objectives 4
2.4 Organizational Benefits 4
2.5 Project Scope 5
2.6 Out of Scope 5
Alternatives and Cost/Benefit Analysis 6
3.1 [Possible Solution 1] 7
3.2 [Possible Solution 2] 7
3.3 [Possible Solution 3] 7
3.4 Comparison 7
3.5 Recommended Alternative 7
Project Risk Assessment 8

Executive Summary

Capstone 2015

Currently interoffice network capabilities to five doctors’ offices are extremely outdated. Our mission is to reconstruct network capabilities for five doctors’ offices that have decided to for a form a partnership. Upgrades are required inside each office for interconnectivity with in the office. The objective is to revamp all current technology and formulate a complete working network comprised of full capabilities for the office to share patient records and operate a full capacity with minimal network connectivity issues.

The doctor’s offices have very dated LAN’s that are in need of updating as well as P2P networking and standalone machine. Updating these items to included new Laser Jet printer/fax/scanner combination, will allow the office to operate more efficiently.

The network portion of the project will include updating the network peripherals and reconfiguring all network protocols to operate across the office as well as file sharing across the five offices. This will improve interoperability for the permanent staff and patients as well as the roving doctors and patients that are seen at more than one office.

If at all possible cabling solutions will be set in place to according to...

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