Care centre report

Care centre report

The Forge Care Centre in Ely, Cardiff gives nursing care as perfectly as they can. Summerhill group who own The Forge have decided to give their patients more enjoyment of being elderly and also more comfort. They are hoping this plan will encourage more care centres around Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to make their patients lives better.

They have decided to introduce a pamper day which will happen once a month. The Forge will offer in this pamper day: massages, films, facials, manicures and pedicures, hair cuts and yoga. These activities will be able every pamper day. If the patients don’t feel up to doing something they don’t have to, they’re all optional. The Forge is introducing this plan to maximise happiness for the patients and their families. This is the step up every care centre needs. By following in The Forge’s footsteps care centres won’t be seen as dull, dreary places but as cheerful places.

Many people in this centre suffer from Dementia. This might cause a slight problem when patients get involved in the day. The pamper day is more aimed towards women than men because 65% of women are in this pacific care centre where as there’s only 35% of men. There aren’t many activities for men, from the list the men would only have a hair cut and watch films. They should have a hair care regularly though. Should they offer more activities for the men? Yes. Another downfall is when family members come to visit the care centre on the pamper day will they be allowed to join in? Would they be allowed to even visit? Some people may be put off by that as they may come to see their family in the care centre everyday so spend as much time with them as possible. This could be an issue they could look into doing.

We have lots of opinions from people whose family is in the care about the pamper day and the patients who live in the care centre.

“The Forge has provided so much care for my mother. They treat each patient individually and this allows...

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