Career Development Plan Iv

Career Development Plan Iv

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Career Development Plan IV

To: Executive Committee
From: Helen Ison, Director, Outside Sales
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the development of a compensation plan for the committed, hard-working and dedicated Outside Sales Team at InterClean. As you know, it is important that we are all on the same page in compensating our employees as we are now expanding our business venture into broader areas.
AS you know, a business is only as strong as the people who breathe life into it. At InterClean, we know that the management team and staff can be the difference between a successful business and one that fails.
New concepts in compensation have roots in accounting, finance, tax, law, strategy, and corporate governance, requiring a more advanced license. If HR and compensation executives want to continue in the role of setting compensation – a role that is critical to the success of the business – I think they are going to need to know, among other things, the new basics of compensation.
Mid-market companies today are confronted with many challenges including rapid growth, economic shifts, technology and resource rationalization, and mergers and acquisitions. To help with questions that we are faced with, InterClean has created a board of advisors for our company. We feel that this is an excellent way to save money as well as benefit from the skills and expertise of people we are not able to employ. We will outline our Advisor's credentials, thereby helping to enhance the credibility of our management team and show the importance of our compensation package.

Additionally, another important aspect of our compensation plan will be a section that lists all the professional support services - such as our lawyer, accountant, banker and consultants - that your company will continue to use. This list will show not only that we have considered all facets of our business, but also that InterClean have a strong network of talent that...

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