Case : American Express

Case : American Express

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Comparative International management :

Individual assignment: A France

1st part: description of the main characteristics of France

France is known for so many characteristics, not only to wear beret, eat snails with butter, bread, drink red wine and always smoking. Firstly, to have a very strong French culture identity. But France is also known for art, fashion, food and the French way of life (work & healthcare system). (Google image)

France is one of the oldest countries of the Europe, so it has a lot of historical events deeply rooted. Different events had changed the country and the history: a long period of kings’regime (François 1er, Louis XIV called “Sun king”...), the French revolution to access to freedom and liberty, French colonization... France is also multi-ethnical country due to the different regions and other French territories in the world such as Corsica, Guadeloupe, Guyane... with different dialects (Breton in Brittany, Basque in the southwest of France close to Pyrenean Mountains).

France is seen as a strong culture identity, all foreigners people know that French are “chauvinism” and don’t like changes. They aren’t able to adapt to a new situation and they are often complaining because we have a more conservative system. That’s why abroad we have an arrogant and lazy people image, for example for the new law about retirement is always in the middle of debates. So in general we can notice that French disagree with new decisions and government especially when it concerns work, and a lot of companies (such as French Railway...) go often on strike.

Moreover we have a good image concerning French way of life:

France is famous to be a good place for the gastronomic food it’s one of the main priority of Frenchs’ enjoyment. Precisely for seafood: scallops, snails and all kind of shell. In France we have much rewarded restaurants; luxury restaurants where top chiefs...

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