Case Managment

Case Managment

Case Management and Opportunity 1


Case Management and Opportunities at the Road Home Community Shelter and Volunteers of America

Lissa Sellew

Introduction to Human Services
Instructor: Teddy Moya
University of Phoenix

June 30, 2008

Case Management and Opportunity 2

The Road Home Community Shelter - Salt Lake City

The Road Home Community Shelter of Salt Lake City, Utah is a compressive homeless shelter that is dedicated to helping individuals overcome homelessness. This homeless shelter first provides individuals with basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing and blankets for outside sleeping. There are several programs that The Road Home provides in addition to serving immediate needs. There is an emergency shelter for those that are not ready for a self sufficiency program, there is an emergency winter shelter that is open seasonally for the influx of homeless from around the country and there are self sufficiency programs for individuals ready to take the next steps to becoming independent. The next step in supportive services is to connect these individuals with appropriate housing options based upon individual need. Once that housing option has been determined and obtained, the individual or family is then assigned a Case Manager.
Volunteers of America - Salt Lake City, Utah
Volunteers of America contributes many services to the community, including Substance Abuse Treatment and Detoxification, Emergency Services (any crisis situation), Employment and Training programs, Mental Health Recovery programs and assistance and outreach to those who are homeless, with a minimal amount of housing programs. This research will focus on their homeless outreach programs in examination of what services they offer and the Case Management involved. Volunteers of America or VoA offers a mobile outreach unit that finds those...

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