Cell phones have become very common in our society. Everywhere you look you will see someone with a cell phone. It has turned into a way of life for some, and for those people it has become a total distraction out on the road. There are some states however that are trying to make this distraction not happen. The other states that don’t have laws for cell phones are trying to get them passed.
It seems like when you go and read something about cell phones and driving, the number one target researchers are targeting are teenagers (15 to 20 years old). However, these aren’t the only people who are using their phone while driving. All researchers agree that no one should be using their phone while driving no matter how old you are. There have been several tests to prove that this is correct. Mark Floyd from CarTest Review did one of these tests.
The study found that drivers who talked on cell phones - regardless of whether they were young or old - were 18 percent slower in hitting their brakes than drivers who didn't use cell phones. The drivers chatting on cell phones also had a 12 percent greater following distance - an effort to compensate for paying less attention to road conditions - and took 17 percent longer to regain the speed they lost when they braked.


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