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´╗┐Stage 2 Biology 2015


TASK 2: Cells Practical (Completion)



Assessment conditions:

Students will work in a small group to test a specific range within the independent variable. Students will then collaborate to share experimental data. Written reports will be prepared individually based on the assessment table included in this document.

Learning Requirements
Assessment Design Criteria
1. identify and formulate questions, hypotheses, concepts, and purposes that guide biological investigations
2. design and conduct individual and collaborative biological investigations
3. manipulate apparatus and use technological tools and numeracy skills to obtain, represent, analyse, interpret, and evaluate data and observations from biological investigations
4. select and critically evaluate biological evidence from different sources and present informed conclusions and personal views on social, ethical, and environmental issues
5. communicate their knowledge and understanding of biological concepts using appropriate biological terms and conventions
6. demonstrate and apply biological knowledge and understanding of concepts and interrelationships to a range of contexts and problems, including by presenting alternative explanations.

The specific features are as follows:
I1 Design of biological investigations.
I2 Selection and acknowledgment of information about biology and issues in biology from different sources.
I3 Manipulation of apparatus and technological tools to implement safe and ethical investigation procedures.
I4 The obtaining, recording, and display of findings of investigations using appropriate conventions and formats.
Analysis and Evaluation
The specific features are as follows:
AE1 Analysis of data and concepts and their connections, to formulate conclusions and make relevant predictions
AE2 Evaluation of...

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