Cellphone Use Should Be Prohibited While Driving

Cellphone Use Should Be Prohibited While Driving

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Krystal Barrier
February 22, 2009

Bull Shit

A few months ago I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment. My friend gave me the idea of the bull shit so that I could have some companionship and protection. It was a tiny dog with a cross of toughness and cuteness, just what I needed. Well about a year and a half after getting it I left my house to go to the grocery store, just a routine Tuesday. When I returned my door was cracked. I walked in to my dog covered in blood and a few of my things missing. I instantly called the police and if it wasn’t for my bull shit the police wouldn’t have caught him. They cornered him in a hospital trying to receive care for the bite he had received.
Not only did my bull shit save my possessions it also saved me money in medical bills. I could have a bull dog without having all the problems that bull dogs face. Like hip problems because of the bow legs or the respiratory problems from the flat nose. Not having the flat nose also helps with the snoring you hear at night from a regular bull dog. You also got the bulky exterior without the slobber. Which was a huge seller because who wants to cuddle with something that gets slobber all over them. Also the short smooth coat saved me tons on grooming. All together this breed was a great idea and everybody that want a cheep carefree breed should get one.

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