Challenges of Communication

Challenges of Communication

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1. What are the challenges in communication?

The challenges in communication are the barriers between the sender and receiver while they communicating. Nowadays, most of the sender used various methods to communicate such as e-mail or instant messaging, phone calls, video conferences, face to face and etc. Each of this method involves challenges for communication.

E-mail and instant messaging are under written communication. With any written communication, it is important to remember that information needs to be presented clearly and concisely. In order to avoid confusion and even animosity, people must be careful with what they write and how they write it. One of the challenge of e-mail and instant messaging are the tone is hard to distinguish in written materials compare to face to face, the sender should carefully choose the words and phrasing to differences between working smoothly with co-worker and causing grief. Another challenge is body language,
body language is not possible in written communication, so the receiver will misunderstand your intention if the sender sent them unclear message. To avoid those problem occur, whenever the receiver receive an email or memo and it seems receiver can’t word a response properly in writing, the receiver should make a phone call or arrange an onsite visit to find out what the sender want to send. Don’t let unclear writing become a reason for remote work problems to occur.

Phone calls are a verbal communication is preferable over written communication, especially when lengthy or complicated responses are required. The problem of phone calls is there is no visual interaction and miscommunication can result. Beside that, tone of voice can affect the exchange of information. The solution to avoid those problems happen is when the receiver involved in a phone call, they should make sure that they have no distraction and difficult hearing while communicating because it may cause more problems occur....

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