Change of Heart

Change of Heart

Vanellope: "Eh… Pardon me, Smelly-One, but I wish to inform you that, as a princess, it would be rather inappropriate for me to associate myself with you. I understand that - at some point - you were my best friend, but due to a magical grey-face, I find that my status finds you rather..." She crinkled her nose, "...disgusting, really. Horribly disgusting. I thought I would at least do you the pleasure of seeing me one last time."

Ralph: “… That’s not funny, kid.” Usually, he would have humored her little quips with a hot-tempered rebuttal. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t heard before; however, the words stung a lot more than they should have, and Ralph swallowed a lump that formed in his throat. “‘Status’? You gave that up. You’re a president, not a princess. So drop the fru-fru act, Vanellope.”

Vanellope: Vanellope tittered. Yes, tittered. "Oh, you really are an oaf, aren't you? This isn't an act, I assure you. In fact, to make sure that I am not seen with you in the future, you are banned from ever entering Sugar Rush. I will have my Oreo guards keep watch. Step one fungus-coated toe into my game, and you will regret it." Her stare up at him was hard and unforgiving. "Am I understood?"

Ralph: “Forget that!” Ralph shot back defiantly, swiping his hand through the air to dismiss her words. “You’re not bein’ serious, kid—and I’ll come n’ go as I please.” The greys couldn’t have hacked her coding that badly, could they? The harshness of her gaze was enough to make the wrecker flinch, and he returned the look with equal fervor. “Quit it, Vanellope. This isn’t ‘cute’, or ‘presidential’, or nothin’—it’s annoying.” And hurtful, he thought to himself.

Vanellope: Durning his little rant, Vanellope rolled her eyes. She checked her fingernails and waited until he was done speaking to snap back. "I was hoping you would have a little more dignity than this, but what was I to expect from a knuckle-dragger?"

Ralph: Her body language alone was enough to get...

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