Changing the Condition of Humanity

Changing the Condition of Humanity

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In assertion that new technologies have not changed the condition of humanity the speaker fails to acknowledge some apparent examples of their positive effect on our lives. Nevertheless, I tend to agree with him that technology themselves could not alone deal with problems like war, poverty or violence; however, they could effectively help us to do so.

Technological innovations have modified the appearance of our world. Not so far ago, it was hard to imagine that a person could talk with his friend, living on the other site of the Atlantic Ocean; that one could go anywhere on a flying machine or he could prepare dinner just in minutes. Despite on many negative effects of the new technologies, like the emergence of the greenhouse effect, I believe that advantages outweigh all drawbacks. Manifold innovations facilitate our daily life, making it more pleasant and happier. For instance, advanced medical care helps us to successfully struggle with severe deceases; the Internet’s expansion provides children in Africa and Asia with up-to-date knowledge and so on. As the result, the progress, caused by new technology, is apparent.

However, new inventions could not overcome poverty, war or similar problems. These disasters are profound for human nature and only changing our minds we could eliminate them. One may argue that the number of violence has been reduced dramatically, in comparison with the previous century, because living conditions have been greatly improved. On contrary, today, a lot of offences are committed in the virtual space and they could cause quite dramatic effect on the society. At the same time, I am convinced that new technology should help us to eliminate these problems. New agricultural techniques provide the humanity with surplus of food, reducing poverty in the most problematic spots of the planet like Central Africa. Communicating with other nationalities through the Internet, people are becoming more tolerant to each other that might...

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