Chapter 7 Practice Test

Chapter 7 Practice Test

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Ch. 7 Practice Test

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. A chemical formula for a molecular compound represents the composition of
a.|a molecule.|c.|the ions that make up the compound.|
b.|an atom.|d.|the crystal lattice.|

____ 2. What is the formula for the compound formed by calcium ions and chloride ions?

____ 3. What is the formula for barium hydroxide?

____ 4. Name the compound KClO3.
a.|potassium chloride|c.|potassium chlorate|
b.|potassium trioxychlorite|d.|hypochlorite|

____ 5. Name the compound Fe(NO2)2.
a.|iron(II) nitrate|c.|ferric nitrate|
b.|iron(II) nitrite|d.|ferrous nitride|

____ 6. What is the metallic ion in copper(II) chloride?

____ 7. Name the compound CF4.
a.|calcium fluoride|c.|carbon tetrafluoride|
b.|carbon fluoride|d.|monocarbon quadrafluoride|

____ 8. Name the compound SO3.
a.|sulfur trioxide|c.|selenium trioxide|
b.|silver trioxide|d.|sodium trioxide|

____ 9. Name the compound N2O3.
a.|dinitrogen oxide|c.|nitric oxide|
b.|nitrogen trioxide|d.|dinitrogen trioxide|

____ 10. What is the formula for silicon dioxide?

____ 11. What is the formula for carbon disulfide?

____ 12. What is the sum of the atomic masses of all the atoms in a formula for a compound?
a.|molecular mass|c.|atomic mass|
b.|formula mass|d.|actual mass|

____ 13. What is the formula mass of ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH?
a.|30.328 amu|c.|45.061 amu|
b.|33.271 amu|d.|46.069 amu|

____ 14. The molar mass of CCl4 is 153.81 g/mol. How many grams of CCl4 are needed to have 5.000 mol?
a.|5 g|c.|769.0 g|
b.|30.76 g|d.|796.05 g|

____ 15. The molar mass of CS2 is 76.14 g/mol. How many grams of CS2 are present in 10.00 mol?
a.|0.13 g|c.|10.00 g|
b.|7.614 g|d.|761.4...

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