Characterization Essay
Quality Characterization is explaining the most important features of someone or something. In my favorite story I used quality characterization to explain my main character, Eren. Using quality characterization I described Eren as a strong fighter, loving person, and a determined player. Using those three examples I will be explaining how they are quality characterizations.

Using examples from my favorite story Eren was a strong fighter because he knew how to play the game. He knew he had to level up and get the best items to be the strongest. In the story he was beat but he knew not to give up even when he wanted to. At the end he was known as the greatest and strongest player in Log Horizon. This was one of my quality characterizations because it was used throughout the story. His strength was brought up during boss fights and times even when strength wasn’t needed.

Another quality characteristic is that Eren is a loving guy. In Log Horizon Eren found a random person to party with for a quest. He then found out that the player was a girl named Asuna. After about a year in the game he met Asuna randomly in another party. They hung out with each other and grew close. Eren ended up proposing to Asuna and married her. This was a quality characterization because it was one of the main reasons that Eren had to fight another player. Fighting the other player was one of the biggest parts that tie with the twist.

The last example of a quality characteristic is that Eren is a determined player. When all the players got trapped in the game Eren’s number one goal was to beat Log Horizon and escape. In all the fights he went through he knew what he had to do to win. When Eren found out that Healthcliff was the final boss everyone was telling him not to fight him but he was determined to beat the game for everyone. Determination is a quality characterization because it was used during the whole story from the beginning to then end he...

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