Chemistry for Our Health Speech

Chemistry for Our Health Speech

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Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

The honorable judges and the audience. First of all, I’d like to thank to God The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful, who gives us his blessing. Secondly, thank to all my teachers who have given guidance to me in joining this speech competition. On this occasion, I’d like to deliver my speech about The Benefit of Chemistry to Our Health.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Modern health care would not be possible without the business of chemistry. Synthetic latex gloves, sutures, surgical dressings, bandages, splints, therapy whirlpools, and hundreds of other modern miracles of medicine are all made possible by chemistry.  In fact, American chemistry produces 80% of the materials used to formulate medicines, and last year, the American chemistry industry spent more than $19 billion on pharmaceutical research and development.
Drug innovations have reduced hospitalization while ameliorating or eliminating a wide range of diseases and infirmities. An analysis at the Columbia Business School indicated that a one-time $15 billion investment in R&D subsequently saves 1.6 million life-years per year. It’s good chemistry that makes it possible to achieve healthier, more productive, more enjoyable and longer lives for people.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me show how important the role of chemistry to our health:

1. Controlling Malaria To Save Lives
2. Providing Vaccines to All Children
3. Reducing Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer
4. Improving Walking Ability Among Stroke Patients
5. Helping Liver Cancer Patients Live Longer
6. Providing Better Anesthesia
7. Fighting Advanced Blood Cancer

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today’s pharmacies are stocked with medicines designed to treat everything from seasonal allergy symptoms to cancer. Seventy years ago, the cure for strep throat and ear infections included aspirin and long periods of bed rest. Thanks to modern antibiotics, these ailments...

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