Chemistry Queston and Answer

Chemistry Queston and Answer

Q1. What are the elements of the world?
A1. These are the land, the water, the sun, life and the air.

Q2. What is called lithosphere?
A2. The outer crust of the earth is called lithosphere.

Q3. How much percentage of water is present in earth’s
A3. Water cover 75% of the earth‘s surface.

Q4. What is called atmosphere?
A4. The air that covers the whole of the earth like a blanket,
Is called atmosphere.

Q5. What is known as biosphere?
A5. The hydrosphere and the lithosphere interact and make
life possible , is know as the biosphere.

Q6. What is the composition air?
A6. It is a mixture of many gases like nitrogen, oxygen,
carbon oxide and water vapour.

Q7. Carbon dioxide is ‘fixed’ in two ways .What are they?
A7. (i) Green plants convert carbon dioxide into glucose in the
presence of sunlight.
(ii) Many marine animals use carbonates dissolved in
Sea-water to make their shells.

Q8. What is the role of atmosphere in climate control?
A8. (i) The atmosphere keeps the average temperature of the
(ii) The atmosphere prevents the sudden increase in
temperature during the daylight hours. And during
the night .it slows down the escapes of heat into
outer space.

Q9. What is known as land breeze?
A9. The hot air from the land rises up the cold air from the
sea goes in between the hot air ,it takes place in the day.
this is know as land breeze.

Q10. What is known as sea breeze?
A10. The cold from the sea evaporates the hot air from the
land get between the cold air, it takes place in the night
this is know as sea breeze.

Q11. How is rain formed?
A11. Water evaporates and goes up and form layer of water
And the infrared radiation either escapes or absorbed
by CO2. The clouds are heated by radiation and
re-radiation .The water...

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