chemistry research about iodine and propanone

chemistry research about iodine and propanone

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Wallington High School for Girls
Unit F336 Chemistry individual investigation
Choice of topics
The investigation topic may be taken from any aspect of chemistry. It may be based on an idea arising out of the Chemistry B (Salters) course or it may be completely unconnected.

Students will need to choose an appropriate topic which will allow them to demonstrate their ability in all skill areas when assessed using the marking descriptors. In particular, investigations should be chosen which:

involve methods that are known to work effectively;

provide opportunities for 18 hours of practical work;

provide opportunities for recording relevant quantitative and/or qualitative data;

can be carried out at the centre;

can be carried out safely.

The coursework marking descriptors (A-H) have been devised to allow a wide variety of types of investigation. Many investigations will produce quantitative data that can be manipulated via calculations or graphs. Other investigations will produce less quantitative data and students should ensure that they record sufficient precise and detailed observations which can be used to draw appropriate conclusions to meet the aims of the project.

Ideas for investigations

Suggested investigations can be found in a number of different places. These include:

• The starter sheets in this document (all tried and tested)

• Text books referenced in the starter sheets-
Advanced practical chemistry (ILPAC)
Chemistry in context laboratory manual 3rd edition,
Vogel’s text book of quantitative chemical analysis
Nuffield advanced science, Chemistry Guide 2

These are kept in the technician’s preparation Room, F7. See the technician, Mrs Banu, for signing out and photocopying relevant pages.
Books MUST be returned on the same day as borrowing to enable all students access

• ‘Project pages’ from past copies of Chemistry Review on the school student share area, the MLE and at...

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