Child Care Providers

Child Care Providers

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Everyday in America, millions of parents struggle to find ways and means to provide care for their children while they go to work. When I was little I used to be in childcare. My mom and dad worked long hour’s everyday. One can only imagine the struggle my parents went through to provide me care. My mom’s only concern on childcare was the background and quality provided. Finding good day care is huge dilemma though some may have the solution to most parents’ problems.

A. Primarily, Parents want to provide the best childcare but good quality care seems to be inadequate.

1. For most parents cost is a big problem
2. Licensed or unlicensed workers
3. The background checking may not seem credible
4. Availability for children to fill

B. Although, Parents has struggled to find quality care, each is somehow, finding a way to solve the problem.

1. They take a different approach with other countries
2. Parents can get tax credit within the United States
3. Communities and businesses are working to find solutions for low-income children
4. To attract trained teachers is to pay them more.

C. Most importantly with finding solutions to problem, the most outlooks on childcare are the values.

1. Childcare would be a necessity for the economy
2. Good childcare can benefit employers.
3. Childcare would improve a child’s education.
4. Caregivers have a consistent and stable presence in the child's life.

III. Many people think that providing child-care comes naturally, but teaching and caring for children in groups takes special skills. The best child-care providers have education and training about children. Caregivers learn how to plan the day, provide nutritious foods and fun activities that children will like. Choosing the right child-care program for your family is an important decision. Finding quality child-care helps your children to grow and gives you, the parent the peace of mind to do your work.

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