Child of Rage

Child of Rage

Sammy Flores
Child of Rage

The movie Child of Rage was very interesting, it tells about a young girl named Catherine also known as Beth Thomas who has reactive attachment disorder. A married couple named Jill Tyler and Rob Tyler adopt 2 kids, Eric & Catherine. The boy Eric is just a normal, kind young boy and Catherine starts off as a quiet girl and they think she’s normal. Little did they know they adopted a young girl who had a reactive attachment disorder. A reactive attachment disorder is when the child doesn’t get a great relationship with their parents or caregiver. This disorder happens when the child wants attention, love or support from their guardian but doesn’t receive it. Later on this disorder effects Catherine really bad, it makes her very mad and angry which leads to aggression and to attack someone.

A severely unattached child is what Catherine was, she rarely recieved any attention and was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Her mother died when she was 1 year old and when her mom died she was sent with her father. Her dad was very abusive and she would describe it by drawing a picture of her crying. Catherine’s reacted very bad to the disorder, her action were very violent. She would pock her younger brother with a pin, she would kill animals, she cut a kid in her class with a piece of glass, and she would say very aggressive words and threaten she would kill her parents. Her parents would find bruises on her brother and the brother would always have cuts and cry from how Catherine would treat her.

There is a type of treatment for the children that have reactive attachment disorder, it’s usually possible to fix with some counseling or a guidance counselor. Catherine had a personal councilor who helped her go through this problem. Her name was Connell Watkins who rehabilitated little Beth in her home and she really helped Beth. Without Beth’s councilor Beth would probably be in jail for murder because no...

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