Childhood and Discovery

Childhood and Discovery

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Childhood and discovery
Delta Lea Goodrem was born on 9 November 1984 in Sydney, New South Wales to parents Denis and Lea Goodrem. Goodrem, who showed a strong interest in music and performing from a very young age, attended The Hills Grammar School, though due to its curriculum placing strong emphasis on sport (Goodrem taking part in netball, running and swimming), music was primarily kept separate.[12] At the age of seven, she appeared in an American commercial for the Galoob toy company, starring alongside fellow Australian Bec Cartwright[13] and began playing piano at seven years of age while taking up singing, dancing and acting lessons. She appeared in numerous commercials for companies such as Optus and Nesquik, and had several minor roles in episodes of successful Australian television shows including Hey Dad...!, A Country Practice and Police RescueRetrieved 16 November[14] .

At the age of twelve Goodrem recorded a five song demo CD, financed through her television work.[15] It was sent to the Sydney Swans Football Club (of which Goodrem is a supporter) and they passed it onto Glenn Wheatley,[16] the manager behind successful Australian artists, Little River Band and John Farnham. Interested in Goodrem's potential as a recording artist, Wheatley signed Goodrem an artist development deal with independent label, Empire Records.[17] Between June 1999 to September 2000, she worked with producers Paul Higgins and Trevor Carter on thirteen tracks for an album called Delta, which saw "an ambitious 15-year-old keen to emulate the pop sound of the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Mandy Moore."[18] The album has yet to surface, Goodrem preventing its release years later via civil action in 2004.[19]

[edit] 2001–2003: Career launch, Neighbours and Innocent Eyes
At the age of 15, Goodrem signed a record deal with Sony[1] and began work on an album of pop-dance songs including the unsuccessful debut single "I Don't Care", which peaked at number sixty-four on...

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